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9 : to perform a term of service <He served in the marines.
He has also served on the organization's Finance, Executive Personnel, Legislative, Planning and Nominating committees.
He served in the 82nd Airborne Division, with overseas assignments at the Jungle Expert School and Operation Southern Thrust.
In addition, she has served as Wisconsin MTA president and held several positions in the East Central Division.
He most recently served as the regional manager for City Carton Recycling's affiliate confidential destruction business Document Destruction and Recycling Services (DDRS), with Iowa locations in Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Altoona.
He served as division secretary from 1995-1996, division vice chairman from 1997-1998 and division chairman from 1999-2000.
I served in uniform for 26 years, on active duty and both active and inactive (ready) reserve, and was medically retired in May 2002.
He served as co-chair of the joint Anglican-Lutheran working group that brought about full communion between the Anglican and Lutheran churches in Canada.
Prior to joining Brookfield Financial Properties, Zuccotti served as president and chief executive officer of Olympia & York Companies (U.
An active IABC volunteer leader, Martell has served several times on IABC's international board, and as director of IABC's Canada District 2, president of IABC/Atlantic Canada and blue-ribbon panel judge with IABC's Gold Quill awards program.
Of the roughly three million who served in Vietnam itself, 300,000 were wounded and more than 56,000 were killed.
The Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) model originally served refugees from Eastern Europe.