serve (one's) purpose

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serve (one's) purpose

To fit or satisfy someone's requirements; to be useful for or fit to achieve someone's aim, goal, or purpose. Well, it isn't a very pretty car, but it should serve our purpose just fine. Child: "But mom, I want a smartphone!" Mother: "Nonsense, the cell phone you already have serves your purpose just fine."
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serve a, his, its, etc. ˈpurpose


serve the ˈpurpose (of doing something)

(British English also serve his, its, etc. ˈturn) be useful for a particular purpose or period of time; be good or useful enough for somebody: It’s not a very good radio, but it serves its purpose.He used his friends and then abandoned them when they had served their turn.
See also: purpose, serve
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While portables serve their purpose on tour and in the studio, their weight, stability, and ease of storage can be a concern.
Other characters are less well-defined but serve their purpose within the plot by helping the protagonist as well as aiding in the development of greater themes: patience, compassion, and knowing who your friends really are.
It does not appear likely to me that the Protestant polemicists who turned it against the Society of Jesus had misquoted it, since the original would serve their purpose: "Sint ut sunt, aut non sint:" "Let them [Jesuits] be as they are, or let them cease to be!" See for the origin of the saying.