serve right

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serve (one) right

To be or deliver the appropriate or deserved consequence(s) for one's improper actions. It serves John right that Dave threw him out of his party last night. He was acting like such a jerk! My girlfriend broke up with me after she found out I had been cheating on her. Serves me right, I suppose. You tripped while making fun of those kids? Serves you right!
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serve someone right

[for an act or event] to punish someone fairly (for doing something). John copied off my test paper. It would serve him right if he fails the test. It'd serve John right if he got arrested.
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serve (someone) right

To be deserved under the circumstances: Punish him; it will serve him right for what he has done to you.
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And the company will pay bonuses of up to pounds 7500 for those who serve right up to the point of closure.
Huw Roberts, director of Welsh Affairs for Royal Mail, said: "This fund will provide real, tangible help to sub-postmasters and the communities they serve right across all areas of Wales."
Davenport took the opening set in 27 minutes, breaking serve right at the start and again for 4-1.
But he explained: "Basically, I didn't want to give Pete a chance to jump on my serve right at the beginning, so I was trying to kind of force it.
Repeat with the remaining crepes and serve right away.
Chief Fire Officer Andy Marles said: "Our aim is to meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve right across South Wales."
But Davenport wrapped up the opening set in 27 minutes, breaking serve right at the start and again for a 4-1 lead.