serve notice

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serve notice (on someone)

to formally or clearly announce something to someone. John served notice that he wouldn't prepare the coffee anymore. I'm serving notice that I'll resign as secretary next month.
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But a club won't be able to serve notice on a player without paying out his contract in full.
6015, and the other (or former) spouse is not a party to the case, the Service must serve notice of the claim on the other individual who filed the joint return for the year(s) in issue.
Segregation and disfranchisement statutes proliferated, and the white South succumbed to an orgy of lynching and random acts of racial violence in order to serve notice on blacks that breaches in the racial code, however trivial, would not be tolerated.
This study should serve notice to the president and Congress that they cannot duck their fiscal responsibilities with a Constitutional mandate for a balanced budget.
Further, any person or entity who proposes or intends to sell, acquire, trade, or otherwise transfer or effectuate any transfer of any general unsecured claim against Able must, before any such transaction, file and serve notice of such intended transfer as set forth in the NOL motion.
However, if I understand it correctly, players will be able to serve notice on a club before their contract is up.
If we can win decisively at Pomona, it will serve notice to the rest of the teams that we're for real.
This is a significant sale of an office-warehouse complex in the Connecticut market and should serve notice to other institutional investors of the excellent investment value in office buildings in Shelton and throughout Connecticut," said Dunne.