serve for

serve something for something

to distribute something to eat or drink for a particular purpose. We served smoked salmon for an appetizer. What will you serve for a main course?
See also: serve
References in classic literature ?
To say the truth, I believe many a hearty curse hath been devoted on the head of that author who first instituted the method of prefixing to his play that portion of matter which is called the prologue; and which at first was part of the piece itself, but of latter years hath had usually so little connexion with the drama before which it stands, that the prologue to one play might as well serve for any other.
McNamara has informed the Company that he will not stand for re-election as a director, but will continue to serve for the remainder of his current term which expires April 5, 2007, the date of the Company's annual meeting.
a leading provider of information and litigation support technology, today announced that the Superior Court of San Francisco has instituted mandatory electronic filing using LexisNexis(R) File & Serve for all documents related to the Court's largest single body of civil cases, asbestos litigation.
the election of six directors to serve for the ensuing year, including the addition to the board of Kenneth J.