serve as

serve as (something)

To act in the capacity of a particular role. I served as a legal secretary for a couple of years while I worked on my law degree. I couldn't even afford furniture, so I just had empty boxes and stacks of books acting as my tables and chairs. We'll have a limited release the product and let this region serve as a guinea pig. If it is received well, we can expand production and distribution to the rest of the county.
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serve as someone or something

to act in the capacity of someone or something. I served as the mayor's assistant for a number of years. This brick will not serve as a doorstop.
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Tim Ockenfels will serve as Southern division manager.
Frank Miller will serve as the as the Iowa City division manager.
"I would welcome the opportunity to serve as Division director and to work for a strong organization that will continue to provide the foundation for professional growth that has been such a positive influence in my life," she says.
He has a diverse tapestry of experience that will serve as a valuable resource."
He served on the Executive Committee from 1998-2001 and returned to the Executive Committee to serve as the secretary/treasurer in 2002-2003.
He first served as Chapter Commander from 1990-91 and went on to serve as Commander four times.
Scruggs is founder and chairman of the Washington, DC-based Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, which works to preserve the legacy of the Wall and to serve as a resource to those seeking information about the Memorial and the lessons of the Vietnam war.
They serve as support groups and provide occupational information as well as job leads.
State agencies might consider adopting the attitude that a client's "first job" may provide meaningful work experience and serve as a first step toward achieving maximum potential.
A rural vocational services marketer has been employed who will coordinate the activities of all three satellites and serve as the primary community liaison on developing separate BAC's for each of the three satellite centers.
Predominant employment mode was identified as manufacturing by 48 percent of respondents claiming to serve a 25 percent rural or less rural community, while respondents who claimed a high percentage of ruralness in their community identified retail employment (40 percent) as predominant and manufacturing as secondary (33 percent).
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