serve as

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serve as someone or something

to act in the capacity of someone or something. I served as the mayor's assistant for a number of years. This brick will not serve as a doorstop.
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Broadhurst - In his new role, he will serve as vice president of Operations and Business Strategy managing day-to-day operations and business development for the Company.
Kalichstein will serve as chairman of Affirmative Insurance Holdings' Compensation Committee as well as serve on the Executive Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.
David Krell, ISE's president and Chief Executive Officer, was reelected to serve a one-year term.
At their first meeting since the 11th Annual Shareholder Meeting held on March 15th, the Board of Managers of Golden Oval Eggs elected three veteran members to serve as officers of the Board of Managers.
Murrill, a professional engineer, who has served on the Company's Board of Directors since 1981, was appointed by the Board to serve as its Lead Director.
He will also serve as a member and the chairman of the Governance Committee.
NEW YORK -- The National Law Journal(R) today announced the formation of a new editorial board, designed to advise the newspaper's editors, provide feedback on news, analysis and opinion, and to serve as a source of occasional contributions to the paper's Opinion section.
have been elected by its board of directors to serve as chairman and vice chairman, respectively.
Moshe Zarmi was President, CEO and a director of Thinking Tools from February 1998 until the merger with GVI Security, and will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
I would also like to thank William Marshall, who will continue to serve as the company's general counsel and VP of operations, and Stephen Corey, who will continue to serve in the role of VP of research and development, for their services on the board.
Systems (AS's), and can also serve as an Internal Gateway
Olinto will serve as the bank's Executive Vice President and Senior Lender and Jerry L.
The tremendous experience of these leaders will serve as a strong foundation for the future growth and development of the Company.
Brad Gerstner and Aaron Gowell, who previously served as Co-Presidents, will now serve as Co-Chief Executive Officers.