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The first priority in improving your serve is assessing your current service game.
Since the most occurrences of timeouts occurred before the fourth serve (i.e., more than the fifth, sixth, or seventh serves), a chi square was run to examine if a relationship could be found.
At Excelencia in Education, we have made a commitment to understand what it means to serve Latino students in higher education today.
In preparation for the launch, Baskin Robbins commissioned a survey from Insight Express asking a random nationwide sampling of 1,000 adults, over age 18, about their thoughts and habits when it comes to soft serve. Among the key findings was that fifty-three percent of ice cream lovers ate both soft serve and hand scooped ice cream, in addition, forty-five percent of respondents preferred soft serve in a cone while 18 percent enjoy it in a cup.
As professor of music at the University of Missouri-Columbia since 1978, she teaches studio piano, accompanying and piano literature, and she accompanies faculty recitals and serves as coordinator for the keyboard faculty.
Here I continue to serve, day by day, and Sunday by Sunday.
Frank Miller will serve as the as the Iowa City division manager.
(The current "in country shortage" could have been eliminated by simply not discharging the 7,000 to 10,000 gay troops who have been let go because of don't ask/don't tell.) If everyone who wants to go to college must serve, then there can be no restrictions on who may serve.
In the new environment, directors cannot afford to avoid involvement with companies on whose boards they serve. It's now a matter of accountability--which, for some, has recently had a personal-liability price tag attached, and one that can add up to a steep percentage of one's lifetime savings if things go awry under your watch.
Students contemplating a career in teaching serve as tutors and instructional aides in urban classrooms (Hamm et al, 1998).
He served in these roles in an interim capacity since January 2004, while continuing to serve as chief medical officer, a position he had held since February 2003.
Both serve as the setting for a few sugary stories.