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In the Goodwill experience, four sites - Dayton, Ohio; Muskogee, Oklahoma; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Reading, Pennsylvania - have taken initiatives that made their service delivery systems more effective in the rural communities they serve.
Davenport seemed to serve her worst at the worst times.
Transfer to a serving container, cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate and serve chilled with raw vegetables.
We believe our new capability is a 'game changing' milestone for filing and service because it simultaneously recognizes the prevalence of paper and the increasing use of electronic filing to offer litigators a single, convenient method to more efficiently manage all their filing and service needs regardless of format," said Tobias Hartmann, vice president and managing director for LexisNexis File & Serve.
Serve with crackers or thin slices of toasted country-style bread.
Serve with sliced sourdough or French bread, toasted, if desired.
Technologies such as File & Serve enable fast, secure filing capabilities for attorneys, increased public availability of court documents and a more cost-effective method for safely receiving legal documents for the Court.
One individual couldn't serve because he is a convicted felon.
You can even serve whole tomatoes stuffed with couscous and peas.
We traditionally serve the white asparagus steamed or poached with meat, whitefish and light, delicate-flavored sauces such as a butter sauce or beurre blanc.
He returned to that NYSE-listed mini-mill steel company from 1999 to 2002 to serve as Vice Chairman and Director.
About 150 volunteers helped serve dinner outdoors on San Julian Street between 10 a.
Many are among my tried-and-true favorites, and I serve them often for casual entertaining.
6 : to provide helpful services <Our friendly staff will serve you.
Bob's involvement and efforts should serve as an inspiration to all of us," says Florence Rust, chair of CalCPA's Awards & Recognition Committee.