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but seriously, folks

A statement meant to draw an audience's attention to a point one wishes to make (which may or may not be serious in nature), often used as a segue after a joke, aside, or something that is not relevant. I just flew in from Miami, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, folks, how is everyone tonight? I like a good cheeseburger as much as the next guy, but seriously, folks, does anyone really need one that weighs three pounds?
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take (someone or something) seriously

To treat, consider, or approach someone or something with the seriousness or importance that it or they deserve. I wish we had taken her seriously; at the time, her claims seemed too outlandish to be true. If you don't start taking this work seriously, we're going to have to dismiss you from the company.
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take somebody/something ˈseriously

consider or treat something as important or serious: We told him he was in danger but he didn’t take us seriously.
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'We take all threat alerts very seriously, either it is specific or general threat,' SP Syed Ali said adding that police can't take such things lightly.
The figures reveal that three of the victims who were killed or seriously injured across Leicestershire in 2017 were children.
In the end, Abunda asked if she would really consider seriously auditioning for the role if she were asked.
The Northeast Rochester area covered by ZIP code 14621 showed 21 percent of homes with a mortgage (698 of 3,321 total mortgages) were in the serious category while 13 percent of mortgaged homes in the 19th Ward ZIP code of 14619 were seriously underwater (353 of 2,716).
Highest seriously underwater share inLouisiana,Mississippi,Iowa,Arkansas,Illinois
However seriously they took this sick behaviour, it wasn't seriously enough.
From basic how-tos to in-depth articles on subjects such as marketing automation platforms and priority setting, Marketing, Seriously was created to validate and educate marketers in any industry.
In third incident, two persons were seriously injured when three masked dacoits opened fire on their vehicle near Chak Ghazi village.
"Definitely our family is looking seriously at gaming.
Four people were seriously wounded in two knife attacks in a district of the Austrian capital, Vienna, on Wednesday evening, but a motive or any connection between the assaults was unclear, a police spokesman said.
Seriously Hexed continues the story of teen witch Cam in a stand-alone novel that blends a coming-of-age saga with the story of how Camellia faces spells, demons, and handling having a wicked witch for a mother and a future that tends to learn towards her involvement in something she hates.
The actress, who has had a fruitful career over the years, said her coming far would not have happened if she had not taken her job seriously.
Through a fast-paced journey of saying yes to the unfamiliar, pack your bags and set out into the world with a gay Jew determined to answer that universal question of Seriously ...
Two motorists were seriously injured after this Corvette ploughed into another car on Al Wasl Road in the early hours of Sundaymorning.