serious about

serious about (someone)

Wanting or committed to a permanent or long-term romantic relationship with one. I know he's getting really serious about her. I wouldn't be surprised if he proposed in the next year or two. I don't really want to get serious about anyone during my time in college. I'd rather be free to do as I please.
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serious about someone

in love with someone; romantically interested in someone. I'm afraid I'm getting serious about Bill. Bill, unfortunately, is pretty serious about Mary.
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References in classic literature ?
"If I can be serious about any thing," he resumed, "it's time to be serious with you.
In a December 2018 survey, 38 percent of Filipinos said the government is very serious about solving the EJK problem while 34 percent said they are somewhat serious.
Respondents who believe that the government is serious about solving the EJK problem were highest in President Rodrigo Duterte's home region (Mindanao), with 42 percent saying the government is very serious in addressing the issue.
The survey asked people if they believed Iran's leaders were serious or not serious about addressing the world's concerns about its nuclear program.
Overall, 49 percent of Democrats who say they have heard about the agreement say they do not think Iran's leaders are serious about addressing international concerns with just 41 percent saying they are.
I and many others also warned that the amnesty would surely encourage many more to come here illegally in anticipation of future amnesties, especially if we did not really get serious about border and interior enforcement.
We don't have to prosecute all of them; but we do have to prosecute a reasonable number of them, so that the message goes out that we are serious about the law.
The same question asked about the Palestinians, showed that only 46 percent believed they were serious, while 43 percent found them not serious about reaching a peace agreement with Israel.
If it appears an organization is not serious about its compliance program, government and private agencies will have serious doubts about its credibility and integrity.
And could Common Cause, the perpetual champion of campaign-finance reform, be serious about protecting the public interest?
You will know when Bill Clinton is serious about democracy.