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These separating forces are proportional to calender speed, although the relationship is not linear.
These separating forces are large, as much as 160,000 to 300,000 lbs.
Consistent, uniform dwell times on the breakdown and feed mills, as well as consistent bank size, will result in consistent stock temperatures, work history and reduced variations in roll separating forces.
In addition to considering induction sorting units, shredder operators are now also being offered the chance to deploy an X-ray identification and separating technology that has been offered since 2004 by the German company SSE, represented in the United States by Wendt Corp.
The problem with this method is the separating force causing the roll deflection varies with each product, so unless the calender is dedicated to a particular product for a reasonable length of time, the honing may not be advantageous.
The authors also write that they continue to "work intensively on the mechanical separating of some parts of the ASR" so that plastics separated by resins can eventually be offered as secondary resins for use in applications that consume secondary plastics.
Charged flake passes between strong (60-kV) electrodes, separating positively from negatively charged flakes.
The company's research has resulted in a revamping of its shredding, sorting and separating processes, although the environmental and safety systems, such as the bag-house dust collection system, have very much stayed in place.
In Casa Grande, a host of materials are generated through the shredding process, but Gold Circuit has sought out markets for everything, in part by investing in improved sorting and separating equipment to produce more desirable secondary commodities.
In some cases, the new pulping technology being used at paper mills has helped recyclers broaden the types of paper they can accept without adding to their separating capabilities.
Jable notes, for instance, that very few recycling plants are separating magazines from the old newspapers (ONP) grade, since the "new pulpers don't mind the magazines.
While screens and trommels are still popular for separating material of varied sizes, problems with clogging can limit their effectiveness.
Detroit, has created a plant to which it takes the non-iron-bearing portion of its shredder streams for an intensive sorting and separating regimen.