separate off (from someone or something)

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separate off (from someone or something)

1. To split off, disconnect, or become isolated (from other people or things). My friends and I separated off from the tour group to look at a different exhibit on our own. The power unit keeps separating off. We'll need a new way to keep it attached to the machine.
2. To remove and isolate someone, something, or a group from one or more other people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "off." I had to separate the troublesome student off from the rest of the class. Please go through that huge stack of books and separate off the ones that you want to keep.
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separate off (from something)

to move or head away from something. The road to the cabin separates off from the main road and goes along for a mile or two. It separates off about a mile from here.
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separate something off from something

 and separate something off
to remove something from something. Frank separated the cream off from the milk. Separate off the hens from the rooster.
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Oppermann uses Foucault's idea of spaces that are "other" (or hetero-) by virtue of their being sacred or forbidden and also separated off from ordinary space by permeable boundaries.
The government source said: "We have been very clear that what we cannot accept is Northern Ireland being separated off from the UK customs territory."
Therefore, if researchers in synthetic biology wish to synthesize cells, among other things, they must integrate a metabolism into a space that is separated off from the environment.
Or we might jump the wall behind the cinema that separated off 'Dickie Rees's' from the Cottrell Street gwli.
HSBC UK was formed following government laws passed in 2013 which stated that the more risky investment arm of certain British banks should be separated off from their business and retail banking teams by 2019.
The back muscle, which was neither cut nor pierced, was gently separated off the bone at its attachment, exposing the spine," he explained.
"DSME's special shipbuilding unit will be separated off and plants in China and Korea may be sold.
It was a case of 'He was in there last night, wasn't he?' Then they opened the curtains which separated off another part of the room and saw the fella was being propped up on the sofa in between his two brothers, who wanted a last picture taken of them all together.
The military has separated off. "The American people don't want another war.
Slovenian banks, mostly state-owned, are seen as a particular focus, because they are nursing about EUR7bn of bad loans, which would probably have to be separated off into a standalone entity, a so-called bad bank, before the sector can be privatised.The postponement could sow further doubt over the ability of Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek's government to push through unpopular reforms to stabilise the country's finances and stop it becoming the latest member of the 17-nation currency bloc to need a bailout.bne
It was with this first articulation of what art is that art was "challenged to justify itself." Acts of interpretation are therefore necessarily defensive and it is through a "defense of art" that "the odd vision by which something we have learned to call 'form' is separated off from something we have learned to call 'content' and to the well-intentioned move which makes content essential and form accessory." Sontag argues that radical formal changes in visual art have not altered these expectations.
If the zone of the rupture lies at the edge of a land mass (in this case Madagascar / India), fragments of this land mass may be separated off. The Seychelles are a well-known example of such a continental fragment.
The problem is compounded by the modern practice of settling the juice to allow the heavier sediments to be separated off before fermentation begins.
The cells were then separated off and examined in more detail.
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