separate off

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separate off (from someone or something)

1. To split off, disconnect, or become isolated (from other people or things). My friends and I separated off from the tour group to look at a different exhibit on our own. The power unit keeps separating off. We'll need a new way to keep it attached to the machine.
2. To remove and isolate someone, something, or a group from one or more other people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "from." I had to separate the troublesome student off from the rest of the class. Please go through that huge stack of books and separate off the ones that you want to keep.
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separate off (from something)

to move or head away from something. The road to the cabin separates off from the main road and goes along for a mile or two. It separates off about a mile from here.
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It will house thousands of staff working in HSBC's business and retail banking arms which are relocating from Canary Wharf in London as part of government plans to separate off investment work from other sections of high street banks from 2019.
The feminist cause generally seems to separate off as a men versus women thing, and that can be harmful, because men are also part of the equation.
Ivan Hakimian's HPNY has closed on three separate off market transactions in Manhattan the month of September totaling roughly $70 million:
Each time there's a storm or change in current, some of it will separate off and drift towards the shore.
The effect of the Law is to surround and separate off the Jewish community, as if by iron walls.
There is, however, potential to separate off one end of the property for a granny annex or holiday let.
He has gates set up so that he can separate off cows at milking time and get them into the crush quickly and easily on his own.