separate off

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separate off (from something)

to move or head away from something. The road to the cabin separates off from the main road and goes along for a mile or two. It separates off about a mile from here.
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Most of the army will separate off from the Assad troops to protect their people.
Separate off individual cloves and plant these, pointed end facing upwards, in individual holes about 5cm deep and 15cm apart.
Autoclaving is the most simple technology for waste treatment and it makes materials easier to separate off afterwards for recycling.
47 million war dead enshrined there, and also to possibly separate off the shrine's museum glorifying the war.
He said building work could accommodate a separate off licence with its own entrance, or should the legislation change, the integration of alcohol onto the main shop floor "would obviously be preferable, but not vital".
He has gates set up so that he can separate off cows at milking time and get them into the crush quickly and easily on his own.