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As the federal government seems to treat community property owned by California domestic partners as separate property for income tax purposes, it seems unlikely that it would classify such property as community property owned by both partners for purposes of determining an individual's net worth in the Medicare or bankruptcy context.
Such plants are often configured to separate OCC from the other paper grades, often as the "overs" fraction of an automated screening process.
It recommended that the combination rule be expanded to include separate units that are owned directly or indirectly by domestic corporations that are members of the same consolidated group, as well as dual resident corporations.
However, using VSANs, storage administrators no longer need separate pairs of switches for each SAN connection.
Did the paper towel separate the vinegar from the water?
Describe ways in which establishing separate black and white schools was unfair.
While federal regulations stipulate that corporations and L.L.C.s must keep business activity separate from personal activity, commingling funds can sometimes be irresistible to sole proprietors and home-based businesses.
Your reviewer found himself asking precisely the same question as he made his way through A Promise Fulfilled: Highlights in the Political History of Catholic Separate Schools in Ontario, Michael Power's magisterial account of how Ontario Catholics won their children fully funded education from kindergarten to high-school graduation.
But some raised questions about whether or not the procedure, the first-ever attempt to separate adult craniopagus twins, should have been attempted.
Contrary to this guiding principle of African spirituality, spirituality and sexuality for many African Americans tend to be seen as separate and unequal.
SIAMESE twins joined at the head jet out to the United States yesterday for a special birthday present - a specialist operation to separate them.
When the calender is running, there are forces generated that try to separate the rolls.
For many neuroscientists, these investigations light the way toward a solution to the fundamental mystery of how the brain unites separate sensations into multifaceted experiences.