sentence to

sentence (one) to (something)

To impose a particular legal penalty upon one who is found guilty of a crime. The judge sentenced the former CEO to 30 years in prison for his role in defrauding millions of customers over the span of 15 years. They sentenced him to 5 years of hard labor for simply stealing a loaf of bread.
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sentence someone to something (for something)

[for a judge] to order someone to suffer confinement, death, or labor for committing a crime. The judge sentenced Roger to three years in prison for the crime. The judge sentenced him to hard labor.
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References in classic literature ?
There the Recorder of the States came to read the sentence to him.
At first, this system performs morphological analysis of an input sentence to provide parts of speech information of each word.
During the course of proceedings, Lateef Khosa counsel for Tauseef Abbas appeared before the court and informed that the trial court awarded death sentence to accused over killing a lawyer Shahid Hameed in court premises in Gujrat in 2002.
138) After calculating the Guidelines range, the district court must conduct an independent assessment of the [section] 3553(a) factors before selecting a sentence to impose.
130) Although the Division had full power to review and revise sentences, it usually merely substituted a different sentence on appeal without linking the new sentence to specific sentencing purposes.
Dews, (3) the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit considered whether a sentence to a term of months imposed pursuant to a Rule 11 plea agreement is based on a USSG range for purposes of qualifying for reduction under [section] 3582(c)(2).
Unusually, Shaw was determined to serve his full sentence to ensure that he came out a free man, beholden to nobody, unlike his friends Leroy Roberts and Ches Todd, who accepted parole to escape the horrors of the chain gang.
Sentence meaning thesis I: What it is for a sentence to have a certain meaning is for it to be usable to perform IAs of the matching type.
In order to "sell" a conditional sentence to a skeptical judge, defence counsel must be aware of the kinds of programs available, and must have some reasonable insight into the likelihood that their client will comply with court-imposed conditions.
The thief who steals a bicycle in Lethbridge should get a similar sentence to the thief who steals a bicycle in Fort McMurray.
On the last day of his term, Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder commuted Washington's sentence to life in prison.
Not all states with sentencing guidelines have truth in sentencing, and among those that do, the portion of the sentence to be served often is not 85 percent.
There are indeed lots of cases where a string departs from the ideal norm in various ways; and in real life, as they correctly maintain, we will appeal to the producer of the sentence to find out what he or she intended, what sentence they were trying to produce.
At that stage, one option for the sentencer is to bring the community sentence to an end and to re-sentence for the original offense.