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sensitize (someone or something) to (something)

1. To make someone or something more sensitive or reactive to something. Part of cognitive behavioral therapy is sensitizing yourself to the things in life that trigger your anxiety, then taking active steps to confront or cope with them. The aim of this program is to sensitize our employees to dangers in the workplace that they may be overlooking.
2. To increase or intensify the effect something has on someone or something; to make someone or something hypersensitive to something. Living with such emotionally abusive parents sensitized her to aggression and the threat of violence from a very young age. Living in such a quiet, rural town really sensitized me to the maddening ubiquitous lights and sounds that you find in a city like New York.
3. To make someone or something more aware, understanding, or receptive of something. The experience sensitized me to the social injustices faced by many minority demographics. The aim of this program is to sensitize our employees to dangers in the workplace that they may be overlooking. He continually tried to sensitize the jury to the flawed evidence that had been collected by the state in order to undermine their case.
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sensitize someone to something

1. to make a person have an allergic reaction to something. Frequent exposure to the chemical sensitized Harry to it and made him get a rash. He became sensitized to pet dander.
2. to make someone more thoughtful and receptive to something. We want to sensitize you to the feelings of other people. He never became sensitized to the needs of others.
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The potential to sensitize BALB/c mice systemically via intraperitoneal injections of proteins has been explored in a series of experiments detailed by Kimber et al.
They informed that it could also create harmful effects for nurturing adding that there was dire need to sensitize masses about the problem specially in South Punjab where goitre was commonly found.
It is pertinent to mention here that the main focus of the training is to create awareness about human rights and to sensitize the masses about the fundamental human rights which were guaranteed under the Constitution.
It would also help sensitize policy makers and implementers about the need of alternate energy resources.
MUZAFFARGARH -- Anti-Narcotics Jeevay Pakistan Cycling Rally will leave for Islamabad on Wednesday (April 23), with an objective to sensitize youth about horrors of drug addiction and promote healthy environment.
The cyclists would also sensitize the youth of these cities about horrors of drug-addiction.
Deeba, who presented a report of community safety activities conducted in Rawalpindi during previous year to sensitize community members about emergency and disaster management to the DG.
The natural dyes were used to sensitize the highly ordered Ti[O.sub.2] nanotube arrays fabricated by chemical anodization technique.
Several simple organic dyes though, and especially xanthene dyes (Eosin Y, Rose Bengal, etc.), yield efficiencies comparable to those achieved with ruthenium complexes, especially when used to sensitize ZnO films [7-9].