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Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research aims to expose and promote new and novel sensing and biosensing technologies to the wider research community and exploitation partners.
They took an optical-fiber array made of tens of thousands of individual glass fibers fused together and inserted a sensing bead into a well etched into the end of each fiber.
By combining two tried and proven technologies--back-EMF sensing and current pulse probing--with our inventive impedance ratio measurement technique, we have safely eliminated the motor position sensor without sacrificing performance.
Other suppliers, like Advantage Engineering, tried applying direct mold sensing to their conventional systems but saw no clear benefit.
Because of its extremely low cost (about 50 cents per car) and portability, remote sensing is capable of random but pervasive surveillance while inconveniencing only the guilty few.
Today, in addition to elevators, electric field sensing shows up in touch screens and pads on computers and stud finders that locate wooden supports in walls.