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That this was a precaution against danger, Jerry sensed without a passing thought to it.
It was the elusive spirit of poetry itself that he sensed and sought after but could not capture.
Obedience was strong in him, for it was his heart's desire to serve his lord's will, and from the few days' confinement he sensed, or guessed, or divined, without thinking about it, that it was Steward's will for him to stay in the stateroom.
No wires linked Penn to the synthesizers making the sounds, yet the device sensed his every move
If the historian of the senses aims mainly to examine past peoples' perceptions of the senses and reveal to which uses they were put, perhaps the traditional monograph and print will suffice (after all, it is worth noting that some historical actors themselves mediated a good deal of what they sensed through print, too, and sometimes only rarely experienced in any direct way the sounds and smells they described in writing).
By integrating a smart MOSFET with a current mirror into the NIS5101 -- specifically a SenseFET(TM) -- only a fraction of the load current is sensed across the sense resistor.