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have a senior moment

To forget something or act strangely or foolishly, humorously attributed to one's advanced age. I thought Mom knew Joe's phone number, but she's having a senior moment and can't remember it either.
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senior moment

An instance in which one forgets something or acts strangely or foolishly, humorously attributed to one's advanced age. I thought Mom knew Joe's phone number, but she's having a senior moment and can't remember it either.
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a senior moment

A senior moment is an occasion when someone, usually an elderly person, makes a silly mistake or forgets something. He is 69 in February and sometimes has a senior moment, when the flow of words dries up. Note: This expression is used humorously.
See also: moment, senior
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senior moment

an untoward incident, especially one exhibiting forgetfulness, that is attributed to old age. informal humorous
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senior moment

n. a lapse of memory in an older person. I had a senior moment and forgot your name. Sorry.
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senior moment

A temporary lapse of memory, a kind of forgetfulness experienced increasingly as one ages. The term dates from the second half of the 1900s and has become so popular that a game for improving one’s mental acuity is named “Senior Moment.” Paul Krugman’s review of a book about the United States’s aging population and the economic outlook was entitled America’s Senior Moment (New York Review of Books, March 10, 2005).
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