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And Miss Polly wouldn't send the jelly herself, would she?
an' her sayin' she wouldn't send him no jelly, too.
Stay where you are, then; you are not in anybody's way; I do not mind your being here, no more do any of the others, and when Telemachus comes home he will give you a shirt and cloak and will send you wherever you want to go.
He would put me in prison, and would have all of you murdered; keep your own counsel therefore; buy your merchandise as fast as you can, and send me word when you have done loading.
The successful resolution of this lawsuit sends a pointed message to junk e-mailers that they will be held responsible for their actions.
The thief's machine logs the data received, then sends it on to the real gateway.
Living in Spain since 1992, Nicaraguan migrant Melida Martinez sends home each month between US$370 and $500 through an agent called UniGiro.
Attachment sends the message as an attachment to the e-mail, Plain text sends it without formatting and HTML preserves the formatting you used when creating the body of the email.
Jefferson Elementary, for example, sends its mail in care of the brother of a nurse's aide at the school.
Liability for third-party faxing services: A company that hires a third party to send faxes on its behalf is liable if the third party sends unsolicited advertisements.
com) sends out a brief digest of new product recalls daily.
Braverman noted that in the Spring, nearly every building with a central air conditioner sends someone up to check that the condensate line is cleaned out so as to avoid floods.
Anyone who sends business contracts, credit card numbers, personal information (e.
Each council member sends pages and pages of correspondence each week.