send (one) about (one's) business

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send (one) about (one's) business

To dismiss one or send one away, as from employment or from someone's presence, especially rudely or abruptly. When it became clear he was only interested in making a profit for himself, we sent him about his business. I always send door-to-door salesmen about their business whenever they catch me at home.
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send (one) about one's business

to send someone away, usually in an unfriendly way. Is that annoying man on the telephone again? Please send him about his business. Ann, I can't clean up the house with you hanging around. I'm going to have to send you about your business.
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send someone about his or her business

Also, send someone packing. Dismiss someone abruptly, as in They always ring the bell at suppertime, asking for signatures, but I send them about their business , or The owner caught Jack taking small items from the store and sent him packing. The first term, which in effect tells people to tend to their own affairs, was first recorded in 1768; the variant, alluding to telling people to pack their bags and leave, was first recorded in 1594. Also see send away.
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Finally, jargon is reduced to an absolute minimum, proving that understanding difficult theory, once ably synthesized, need not require sending away for a decoder ring.
But she smelled a rat when was told she could only claim the prize by sending away pounds 30, pounds 50 or pounds 80.
Building on the success of Bass Ale's current advertising campaign, the brand is now offering consumers the opportunity to "Exhibit Their Good Taste" by sending away for framed posters featuring two of the campaign's three notable figures -- Friedrich Nietzsche, "Why Does Man Exist?" and D.H.
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