send word to

send word (to one)

To pass along a message to one, especially when one is far away or difficult to reach. We're sending word to our agents in the field to call off their investigation for the time being. Please send word as soon as you have arrived in Japan.
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send word to someone

to get a message to someone by any means. I will send word to her as soon as I have something to report. Tom sent word to Bill just in time.
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References in classic literature ?
"What did you send word to the princess that we weren't going for?" the artist whispered hoarsely once more, still more angrily, obviously exasperated that his voice failed him so that he could not give his words the expression he would have liked to.
The ladies are hungry; will you send word to the lodge-keeper that he may open the gate?"
D'Artagnan suggested that he should send word to his wife, so that she might not be anxious about him, but Planchet replied with much sagacity that he was very sure his wife would not die of anxiety through not knowing where he was, while he, Planchet, remembering her incontinence of tongue, would die of anxiety if she did know.
Adam lingered in the court half an hour before he could bring himself to send word to Dinah that he was come.
I have told my staff to send word to members of the Senate panel that though we expect to stay until 10 p.m., if necessary we should be willing to stay up to 12 midnight if, for example, a few more COCs are left, Pimentel said.
Their big lead prompted von Ribbentrop to send word to Hitler that, certain of success, he should travel from Berlin to present the trophy and take advantage of the opportunity to confirm Germany's apparent natural supremacy in the sporting world.
Bilal is instructed to send word to Mehmet Ali Aydynlar, the candidate supported by the prime minister, on the strategy Aydynlar should adopt during the club's general assembly.
While he admits that being out of sight at London Irish for the past two seasons probably hasn't helped his cause he sees the arrival of Edwards at the Exiles as a golden opportunity to send word to Warren Gatland about his international credentials.
The ball will soon be in Sush's court as he reportedly plans to send word to her for the role.