send to

send (someone or something) to (someone, something, or some place)

To dispatch someone or something to some person, thing, or location; to instruct or direct someone to travel to, or something to be taken to, someone, something, or some place. I sent a package to you three weeks ago. Has it still not arrived? They're sending me to London to set up a new international headquarters. We're sending an inspector to the worksite to make sure all health and safety regulations are being followed.
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send something to someone or something

to dispatch something to someone, something, or some place. I will send the books to my parents. I sent the order to Detroit.
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To send in a picture from your mobile simply send to 07834 446 922.
Even so, 80% of the money that immigrants send to their countries of origin passes through our offices," says Gonzalo Valiente Calvo, vice president of the National Association of Remittance Agencies.
Many marketers, for example, make the request at the close of every e-mail they send to a mailing list subscriber.
The message she would send to would look like this:
To send this document to the reviewers, go to the toolbar and click on File, Send To, Mail Recipient (for Review) (see exhibit 2, page 72).
Most users took advantage of the "send to all" feature on their phone to send the same "Happy New Year" message to everyone in their phone book.
CPAs can continue to include Social Security numbers on official government forms that they send to clients, and as of Jan.
Solicited commercial e-mail is generally recognized as promotional e-mail you send to people you have done business with or who have requested information from you, and who through this existing relationship expressly or implicitly give you permission to communicate with them.
In many-to-many applications, hosts can both send to and receive from the multicast group.
You can't fully appreciate just how much mail members of Congress send to their constituents until you've been underneath the Rayburn congressional office building.