send (someone or something) back

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send (someone or something) back

1. To return something one has purchased or ordered. If your dinner is so bad, you should send it back and order something else. If you aren't happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days at no extra charge.
2. To force someone to return somewhere. I wasn't happy with his first draft, so I sent him back to rewrite it. I'm sending my daughter back to boarding school next year.
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send someone or something back

to cause someone or something to return. He came to apologize, but I sent him back. Send back these goods. They are defective.
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send back

1. To order someone to return; have someone return: He came to visit me at a bad time, so I sent him back. She sent the children back to the same school they attended the year before.
2. To return something, especially as a way of rejecting it: I went to the post office to send back the broken toaster. The steak was undercooked, and I had to send it back to the kitchen.
3. To return or reply to someone or something by mail or some other means of communication: I sent back a reply via fax. Please send a quick message back by e-mail if you can't come to the party.
See also: back, send
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I thought it would be nice to send something back for them to show we were thinking of them.
And if you want me to send something back to Washington, D.
The song's about young African men trying to eke out a living in France to send something back to their families who were living in pover ty.
He'd send something back, and we'd all fight about it, or embrace about it, and then we met for a month and sealed the deal.
North America has got to send something back to China in those empty container-cargo ships.
If we can't send something back, and the item is only a few dollars, we sometimes just eat the cost.
He said, 'I did send something back to them asking what they wanted to do and making them an offer.
What happens if we are sent faulty goods or need to send something back because we've changed our mind?
I always tried to send something back," said Freddie.
Every several months she would send me a few words about everyone's health and regards and best wishes, and some months later I would send something back.
Don't hesitate to send something back to a committee for more work.
If we have to pay to send something back and we can't sell that, that comes out of our bottom line to care for people in need," Ms.