send (one) off

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send (one) off

1. To tell or order one to leave or go home. There weren't any customers, so I sent the staff off early. I offered to help, but he just sent me off.
2. To send one some place in order to do or retrieve something. I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I sent the kids off to pick up a pizza. My parents are sending me off to summer camp to get some exercise and fresh air.
3. To give one good wishes before a departure; to bid one farewell. I got really emotional when all my friends arrived to send me off at the end of the summer. We're all going to the airport to send Jeffrey off tomorrow.
4. To remove one from a sporting event. The coach sent me off after I started cursing at the referee. Their striker was sent off in the first half with a red card.
See also: off, send

send someone off (to something)

to send someone away to something or some place, especially away on a journey; to be present when someone sets out on a journey to something or some place. We sent both kids off to camp this summer and had peace in the house for the first time in years. Liz sent Karen off to the store.
See also: off, send

send something off (to someone or something)

to dispatch something to someone, something, or some place. I will send the package off to you in tomorrow's mail. Karen sent off a letter to her aunt.
See also: off, send

send off

1. To release or submit something, especially by mail or by electronic means: I sent off my application last week. I put a stamp on the letter and sent it off.
2. To order someone to leave in order to do something or to attend some event or place: The managers ordered a pizza and sent off an assistant to pick it up. My parents sent me off to boarding school when I was only ten years old.
3. To assist or be present at someone's departure: When I retired, my coworkers sent me off with a big party. A crowd gathered at the train station to send off the politician.
4. send off for To send a request for something, especially by mail: The mechanic sent off for a replacement part.
5. Sports To eject someone from a game, especially for a flagrant violation of the rules: The referee stopped the game and sent off two of the players for fighting. The umpire sent me off after I threw my tennis racket into the crowd.
See also: off, send
References in periodicals archive ?
Craigan said: "It was stupid from Christian but it wasn't enough to send someone off.
Having the conviction of believing your instinct to the extent where you send someone off in an FA Cup Final is a different matter.
Cova Downing Travellers really do know how to send someone off in style.
It's a big decision to send someone off and you have to be one million per cent certain because you're shifting the balance of the game.
in attendance, Datu Lamberto Delfin conducted the pamaas, a Manobo ritual to send someone off on a safe and happy trip, for good luck and in thanksgiving, before she took the bar exam.
"And if tempers are still too high, then they send someone off to visit some relatives as a cooling-off period."
We have to be more ruthless." e no e " "I don't want to slate the referee, but he was getting stick from the crowd and you could see he was desperate to give a penalty or send someone off.
Steven Anderson has been booked but for a ref to send someone off after 15 minutes they have to be 100% sure.
To use the referees' favourite fall-back position, they are only human, and as humans they are susceptible to all sorts of pressure, be it a statement in the media by Sir Alex Ferguson in the run up to a big game, or an England midfielder demanding he send someone off in a derby match.
Sometimes it's too easy to send someone off when they're on a yellow card.
"The player knows he made a mis take by going up to the referee but in a big game like this how can you send someone off just for asking?
To send someone off for violent conduct there has to be intent, and I don't think that was the case.
issued Arsenal's Francis Jeffers with a red card the last time the Gunners faced Manchester United and Sportingodds make him 3-1 to send someone off at Old Trafford tomorrow.