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But once again, Pakistan has let down the Gulf countries and left us confused as it continues to send mixed messages.
Commenting on the site, on which the lower ground floor has already been built and opened without consent, Brighouse councillor Howard Blagbrough, said: "I'd be the first person to welcome investment and jobs to the area but it would send mixed messages to residents if this was agreed retrospectively.
The charity believes that the act will send mixed messages about the dangers of alcohol and its impact on lifestyle to the young population, and Beckham, who usually promotes a healthy lifestyle, should rethink his association with the product.
I don't want to send mixed messages, so I have cancelled all my appearances at RSA 2014," said Hypponen.
The results send mixed messages about the future of justice in China.
It would send mixed messages to developers if the council did not suspend the tax breaks while it contemplated changes in the months ahead, he said.
Mr Burrowes added: "Our concerns, when plans for the chip shop were announced, was that locating a fish and chip shop so close to a school would send mixed messages to pupils about healthy eating.
While there are clear signs to justify such enthusiasm, there are still a number of factors that can challenge the industry: unemployment that hovers near 10 percent, an uncertain economy that lurches in a different direction daily, and a turbulent government that continues to send mixed messages affecting large and small businesses.
We don't send mixed messages because there is no dichotomy between saying and doing, thinking and being, believing and confessing.
Either way, dithering and division could send mixed messages to voters in advance of any cross-party Yes campaign.
I think it is very important not to send mixed messages.
4 Election Day ballot, and has garnered it a slew of publicity, law enforcement has denounced the move as bad policy that would send mixed messages to police and marijuana users alike.
College admissions officers can send mixed messages.
The community and the media also send mixed messages, calling for peace while implicitly accepting violence and the use of weapons.
Adolescents can send mixed messages regarding their needs (Cunningham, 2002).