send away

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send (someone or something) away

1. To dismiss someone or something; to cause or compel someone or something to leave. I sent the butler away when I began to suspect that he was stealing from me. Please send her away—if she wants to see me, she can set up an appointment. The government send the inspection team away, much to the chagrin of the United Nations.
2. To send someone or something off to some location. I'm sending the kids away to stay with my sister in Florida for the summer. I have to send my phone away to the manufacturer for a repair.
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send away for (something)

To order something via the mail Back before the Internet, we used to have to send away for our hobby supplies from specialty catalogs.
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send someone or something away

to cause someone, a group, or something to leave. I sent the salesman away. The store sent away all late deliveries.
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send away (for something)

to order something to be brought or sent from some distance. I sent away for a new part to replace the one that was broken. I couldn't find the part locally. I had to send away for it.
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send away

Also, send off.
1. Dispatch someone or something, as in We send the children away to camp every summer, or I sent off that letter last week. The first term dates from the first half of the 1500s, the variant from the late 1700s.
2. Order an item, as in I sent away for those gloves last month but they haven't arrived yet. Also see send for, def. 2.
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send away

1. To request that someone or something leave or be taken away: I became sick suddenly and had to send my guests away. Send away the servants so we can talk in private.
2. send away for To send a request for something, especially by mail: I sent away for some information on the university's graduate program.
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Later, the same things happened with Rendition and Send Away The Tigers.
People will no longer have to send away their passport and risk missing going on holiday, by taking the relevant documents into the Albert Street post office.
Vachon explains that the bids room is convenient for contractors because they no longer have to send away for the drawings, which involves a deposit and administrative costs.
To o mit, or leave out, is to send away so as to not be included.
Fresh from solo projects, James, Nicky and Sean are back with their eighth studio album - Send Away The Tigers - and their first tour in two years.