send along

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send someone or something along

to help someone or something continue along; to send someone. I knew it was time for Johnny to go home, so I sent him along. I will send along the baggage later.
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l nd send along with Closing date is Friday November 11, 2011.
Once a visitor has created a custom "lions improv," they can view it and then send along to a friend.
This gorgeous bracelet will make the perfect present, it's silver plated with a beautiful blue charm bead and best of all, you only have to send along a stamped self-addressed envelope of 51p to cover postage.
BG 153, you can easily access the phone (including toll-free) and fax numbers and email addresses so that you can immediately send along your requests.
Companies send out not only an annual report, but they'll also send along a video,'' says Phyllis Schaen, director of career services at Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Fla.
Shoppers can also choose from among Spa Finder's beautifully arranged spa gift collections, loaded with premium spa products, to send along with their Gift Certificates.
Each of the troops was asked to write about itself in Sue's journal, and send along swatches, pictures and postcards of their own to share with us,'' Hennings said.
The worm randomly chooses a file from the infected machine to send along with the worm to recipients.
BG 161, you can easily access the phone (including toll free/ and fax numbers and email addresses so that you can immediately send along your requests.
com to gift wrap each order and send along a personalized greeting card.
If our customers send in their registration cards from their already purchased packages, we'll send along a creativity kit compete with popsicle sticks, crayons and a pop up Theater for kids' very own puppet shows.