send (one) on (something)

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send (one) on (something)

1. To instruct, order, or cause one to go somewhere to do or accomplish something. He sent the agent on a mission deep in enemy territory. I sent him on a few errands so we could set up for his surprise party.
2. To pay for one to go on some kind of journey, especially a recreational one. Our kids are sending us on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Our contest will send one lucky winner on an all-expenses-paid tour around Europe. The boss wants to send everyone on a business retreat in the mountains.
3. To instruct one to enter a game as a substitute for another player. In this usage, the noun or pronoun representing "one" can appear either before or after "on," with the preposition's object often being omitted. The coach sent me on the field to replace Mike. Both teams are sending on substitutes while the injured player is looked at by the team medic.
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send someone or something on (ahead) (of someone or something)

to dispatch someone or something to arrive before someone or something else. I sent my personal assistant on ahead of me to get the rooms ready. Jeff sent on his luggage.
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send on

1. Forward something, as in He's moved; I'll send on this letter to his new address. [First half of 1800s]
2. send someone on. Cause someone to go on an errand or path, as in I sent your brother on an errand but he should be back soon, or They've sent us on a wild goose chase. [Second half of 1800s]
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