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seller's market

A market in which demand is greater than supply, thus creating better conditions for sellers than for buyers. Since I'm buying in a seller's market, I'm really nervous that I won't be able to find a house in my price range.
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a ˌseller’s ˈmarket

a situation in which people selling something have an advantage, because there is not a lot of a particular item for sale, and prices can be kept high: We just can’t afford to buy a house at the moment. It’s a seller’s market, and there’s nothing we can do about it. OPPOSITE: a buyer’s market
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* Seller, Kay Ann Snider; buyer, William Walker; Deed; 8th Add Zeigler Lots 7 & 8 Blk 2.
From app engagement modules such as Shake Shake and interactive games with prizes from sellers, to the introduction of Reviews and Ratings, giving customers a lot more information -the Daraz experience has rapidly become more than just a transaction.
C - Terms: where the seller has to contract for carriage, but without assuming the risk of loss or damage to the goods or additional costs due to events occurring after shipment and dispatch.
The Hubs will be used to reduce delivery times through Daraz Express, facilitate easy Seller drop-offs, Customer Returns and Customer Pick-ups.
Instant Seller Sign-up feature is a transformative tool because the use of automated GSTIN verification process eliminates all manual verification steps.
The seller must also have the right to sell the goods.
At this point in time, some sellers are open to providing a small portion of seller financing and very few are willing to take on the entire loan amount.
It requires a business purchaser (as opposed to simply a purchaser, under the original version) that is not a holder of a direct-pay permit and knows at the time of its purchase of a digital good, computer software or a service that it will be concurrently available for use in more than one jurisdiction, to deliver to the seller an "exemption certificate claiming MPU" While current SSUTA Section 312 requires delivery of an MPU exemption form only for computer software delivered electronically, the revised version also applies to computer software delivered by "load and leave" or in tangible form.
Also, the buyer will ask that the seller achieve certain benchmarks, often measured by client retention, to receive the full purchase price.
It requires the seller to provide performance evidence (billing), and also requires receipt and acceptance processes.
On Date 3, the taxpayer acquired the assets of Seller 2.
Typically an agreement lets a seller accelerate the retirement date through triggers such as working fewer hours than a certain quota, giving notice, permanent disability or death, which triggers buyout payments to heirs.
We frequently hear stories that the terms of private company acquisitions are moving in the direction of limited seller representations and warranties and even more limited rights of recourse, post-closing.
Traditionally in the mergers and acquisition context, one thinks of the buyer conducting due diligence on the seller. In the acquisition of insurance agencies, however, it is imperative for the selling agency to do its homework on any potential buyer and to understand the differences between being acquired by a bank or a publicly traded producer or privately held insurance agency.
For example, a seller usually "represents and warrants" that it has operated the facility in compliance with the law, that it has not received notice of any government investigations, and that its financial statements accurately reflect the results of the facility's operations.