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to Atlantic ago the was next have great viability of shop made the been It has just become a valuable and sellable plot of land B James Atlantic Wharf
Entitled expansions in the London and Amsterdam facilities could add up to another 14.9 megawatts of power capacity and 88,900 net sellable square feet to support future growth.
Remodelling the kitchen in your home could add value to your property, and make it more sellable
The complex annually produces some 300 thousand tonnes of sellable products and along with supplying domestic demands, it exports its polymeric products to certain countries including China and Turkey.
The company intends to add 2,990 square metres to its Hong Kong IBX, which is located in the Kowloon Peninsula and currently consists of around 3,550 square metres, adding 550 sellable cabinets, with availability expected in the third quarter 2008.
It depends on how many sellable appointments producers have and how they view their opportunities.
By law of averages as a speedy player,he must be on the verge of losing his extra yards of pace and that makes him sellable.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 March 2004-Greenlandic water and ice to become sellable products(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
In fact, marketing per se appears in the preface and conclusion of the "Drawing Now" catalogue, in reference to the buying habits of eighteenth-century collectors and to drawing as a "finished product." The new "freedom" she calls for, in other words, might be that freedom of entering the marketplace as an a cknowledged commodity with an assigned market value, of having a more comfortable place in the museum because the institution's historical demand for good, sellable, framable, medium-specific work is satisfied.
Local artisans could then fashion the wood into sellable crafts.
The Stellar system allows for an increase in power output for the plant during peak temperature conditions, which provides additional sellable power.
With every square inch of pattern plate now needed for sellable castings, runners must be shortened and their cross-sectional areas decreased to add castings to the mold.