sell (one's) soul (to the devil)

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sell (one's) soul (to the devil)

To abandon one's values or morals in return for some highly desired benefit, typically success, power, wealth, etc. I'm afraid we've sold our soul to the devil by agreeing to this partnership. It will keep us in business, but at what cost to our clients? Don't sell your soul to get to the top, or else you'll find yourself all alone there.
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sell your soul

COMMON If someone sells their soul for something, they do whatever they need to in order to get that thing, doing things that they considered wrong before. As the Co-operative movement approaches its 150th anniversary, has it sold its soul to commercial pressures? Note: Sometimes people use the longer expression to sell your soul to the devil. His devoted fans thought he had sold his soul to the devil producing such commercial music. Note: There are many stories about people who sold their souls to the devil in return for wealth, success, or pleasure. The most famous is about Dr Faustus, whose story was first told in a book published in Germany in 1587, and later told by writers such as the English writer Marlowe and the German poet Goethe.
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sell your soul (to the devil)

do or be willing to do anything, no matter how wrong, in order to achieve your objective.
The reference here is to a contract supposedly made with the devil by certain people: in return for granting them all their desires in this life, the devil would receive their souls for all eternity. The most famous person reputed to have entered into such a contract was the 16th-century German astronomer and necromancer Faust, who became the subject of plays by Goethe and Marlowe and a novel by Thomas Mann .
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sell your ˈsoul

(informal, often humorous) do something morally or legally wrong in order to get something that you want very much: He’d sell his soul to get that job.
This expression refers to selling your soul to the devil in exchange for power, money, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
The People of the Western Ice, they learn to steal and fight; "They sell their furs to the trading-post: they sell their souls to the white.
I wish the rich would not sell their soul in accumulating wealth and would display the maturity to focus on blessing others and making this country a better place.
AMONG the many questions still hanging in the air after Tuesday's titanic Champions League clash surely the biggest is this: after that atmosphere, who in their right minds would want to knock down a far from dilapidated Anfield and build an antiseptic, corporate library down the road called the Lloyds TSB Stadium (or whatever multi-national they're forced to sell their soul to)?
Still, it would seem that you can't keep a bad angel down, and so over the years Lucifer has continued to pop up in literature and drama, trying to get all sorts of folks to sell their soul in exchange for such treasures as youth and brilliance (1968's "Dr.
People will sell their souls for a role" Actor Steven Berkoff on Harvey Weinstein "I do think it is bad mannered to invite people to sit in the dark for two and a half hours and not tell them a joke.
"Too many celebs would sell their souls to the devil just to get in the papers" - Singer and X Factor winner Leona Lewis (pictured).
I HAVE discovered that, locally, there are nine places where the desperate and the foolish traditionally go to sell their souls to the Devil.
They were prepared to sell their souls to save their jobs.''
In the entertainment world, where many sell their souls to the god of controversy in order to get noticed--not caring which groups of people they trample over and maim in the process--it's nice to know that there are intelligent, sensitive young artists like Justin who prove that you can be cool, talented, a little edgy, and compassionate.
Far be it for me to urge players to sell their souls for a handful of beans, but have they no concept of the collapse in the transfer market?
Sherman, an evangelical Christian, says her study of "charitable choice" has led her to conclude that "religious groups accepting government funding are not having to sell their souls, and clients' civil liberties are being respected."
Or those who will sell their souls to the highest-paying job they can find-regardless of its working hours, stress level, effect on their family life, or social implications." Do you catch a whiff of the notion that work is a form of sickness, mental illness, or moral turpitude?
They yelled like cursed men Ready to sell their souls again But they still marched.