sell somebody short

sell (someone, something, or oneself) short

To undervalue someone, something, or oneself; to underestimate or underappreciate the good qualities of someone, something, or oneself. Often used in negative constructions. Don't sell yourself short—your writing is really excellent! I know you don't like their pitcher, but you shouldn't sell him short. He's actually got some of the best stats in the league. I think they're selling this short. It's actually an incredibly good deal!
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sell somebody ˈshort

cheat somebody by giving them less than they have paid for: He sold us short! We paid for five kilos of mushrooms and only got four!
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sell yourself/somebody/something ˈshort

describe yourself/somebody/something as being less good, valuable, etc. than you, etc. really are: Don’t sell yourself short when you go for an interview.It was a great idea, but you sold it short.
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