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She did what she thought she would never do: sell her body for quick cash.
The Hotel du Vin Women in Business Group, launched late last year, is sending money over to the East African state to enable a young Ugandan to go to school for a year rather than sell her body to survive.
A man in China has been executed for murdering a pregnant woman to sell her body as a "ghost bride".
London, May 20 ( ANI ): Frankie Boyle, who targeted Angelina Jolie last week by tweeting that she should sell her body for sex, has raised eyebrows with a second sick joke about the actress.
For as little as pounds 15, Debbie, then 26, from Leith, Edinburgh, would sell her body to strangers on the streets.
She tells how she didn't sell her body through choice but out of necessity to avoid homelessness and hunger.
Moira may have convinced the Bartons that the reason Holly has stopped shinnying down the drainpipes and running off to sell her body on the mean streets of Hotton is because their DIY rehab unit has worked its magic, but Roz concludes she's still on drugs.
"She doesn't need to sell her body in order to sell her music," said Al Wasimi.
Can anyone really believe that this young Saudi girl was completely in agreement to work in partnership with her husband, whose age wasn't stated, to let him sell her body to strangers for money?
Drug dealer Dennis Dixon, 47, sent a woman he befriended out to sell her body to get money for crack cocaine and heroin, Blondelle Thompson, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court.
If my daughter thought her only option was to sell her body, I would consider life not worth living.
Gemma Adams was a heroin addict by the time she was 20 and, three years ago, Annette Nichols - who'd been looking forward to a career as a beautician - started taking heroin and all hopes of a career were smashed when she started to sell her body for drugs.
He even married one then sent her out to sell her body two hours after the wedding.
A ``SEX SLAVER'' who smuggled a schoolgirl into Britain, raped her and then forced her to sell her body for up to 20 hours a day, was jailed for 10 years yesterday.