sell at

sell something at something

1. to market something at a particular price. Do you think we can sell these things at four dollars each? We cannot sell these at ten times what we paid for them!
2. to market something at something or some place. We will try to sell our old kitchen sink at the flea market in Adamsville. He sold all his watermelons at the farmers market in town.
See also: sell

sell at something

[for something] to be marketed at a particular price. This coat formerly sold at twice this price. Next month, this will sell at a 60 percent markup.
See also: sell
References in classic literature ?
none that I could well spare; to tell the truth, it's only hard necessity makes me willing to sell at all.
If you're going to sell at a profit, you might want to defer a year-end sale until January, which will give you the rest of that year to find an offsetting loss.
If you sell at a profit, you'll owe tax on the profit.