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Merriam Webster says that self is "the entirety of an individual, the realization or embodiment of an abstraction" (1).
Effects of selffocus, discrepancy between self and standard, and outcome expectancy favorability on the tendency to match self to standard or to withdraw.
Research indicates that those who have been repeatedly abused are the most likely to inflict self injury (Favazza & Rosenthal, 1993; Kehrberg, 1997; McLane, 1996; Simpson, 1981; Zila & Kiselica, 2001).
Indeed, the artist's observation, foregrounded as a sort of epigraph for the show, that "professional self-investigation--which is what a good self portrait is--is as noble a search as any other" would also seem to signal an awareness of his project's situation within the social world and a recognition that no matter how hermetic the conditions of their creation, sufficiently penetrating forms of self-expression have the power to communicate meaningfully beyond the context of the individual.
Female campers in an all female camp setting exhibited a higher statistically significant self perception of working with groups than male campers following camp.
There is no doubt that career theories address the self construct from very different angles, based on diverse philosophical backgrounds and with varied purposes.
Nature turns all things to self, and contends and disputes for self.
Conceiving of a Self prior to and as master of writing provides the conceptual basis for interpreting Invisible Man as a Bildungsroman.
In the latter, the power of the text (Thomistic theology allied with the political powers that be) offers the alternative to the turn to the self, although the modern self is still evident in colonial mentalities and the narcissistic and aggressive assimilation of native peoples.
Some writers assert that self-esteem reflects the difference between the ideal self (how one would like to be) and the actual self (how one actually iS).
These teachers assure their disciples that, with practice, reality will align itself with the devotee's desire and a powerful, effective self will appear.
She maintains that studying self regulation qualitatively allows the researcher to examine the "'function of events in context, rather than on the surface features of teacher or student activities" (p.
Thanks to technology that literally gets inside people's heads, researchers now are probing how the brain contributes to a sense of self and to perceptions of one's body and its control.
The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Self Your Own Book (14th edition)