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select from someone or something

to make a choice from a group of people or things. You will have to select from the people we have asked to interview with you today. They told me that I had to select from what you have in stock.
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select someone from something

to choose someone from a group of people. You will have to select a new secretary from the available pool of workers. I selected Ted from the applicants I had at the time.
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select someone or something as something

to choose someone or something to be something. The voters selected Alice as the county treasurer. We selected Acme as our main distributor.
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select someone or something for someone or something

to choose someone or something for the benefit of someone or something. You need a helper, so I will select someone for you. Jane selected a car for her husband.
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Pete joins Selectable from Entertainment Weekly where he was the West Coast Advertising Director, and brings fifteen years of advertising sales experience.
Parameters are front-panel selectable for easy setup.
The low cost sensors include a built-in local display of temperature, a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure for hostile environments, two wire loop for easy installation, selectable optics, fiber optics and adjustable response time.
The performance of the Westronics Series 3000 Multipoint Data Recorder is enhanced by its on-board capabilities to do maths calculation - including arithmetic, group and moving averages, absolute differences, square roots extractions, peak/valley, selectable time averages and sterilisation factor (Fo).
A maintenance menu features selectable opacity and selectable language.
Features include large 8-inch charts with 43% more readable area than 6inch chart alternatives: 4 AA battery operation; compact and rugged enclosure; user selectable temperature ranges of freezing to 120 degrees F; user selectable 24-hour or 7-day recording times; digital humidity sensor with accuracy of [+ or -] 2% from 0-60% and [+ or -] 3% from 60 -95%; recordable dew point in range of freezing to 122 degrees F.
Model AN2402 1/8-DIN panel-mounted temperature controller has front-panel selectable setup, calibration, and operation.
The products feature low-current requirements, two selectable tones, and a patented universal mounting plate.
Standard features of the impact tester include an aerodynamic compound pendulum, selectable energy units, selectable strength calculations, break type input options of complete, hinge, partial, non-break and necking, automatic or manual toss correction, auto calibration for bearing windage and friction, automatic or manual update of the specimen number, and a real time display of energy for verifying display accuracy against traceable measurements of pendulum height and weight.
The unit produces an audible signal at the end of each selectable curing cycle.
This gene can be used as a selectable marker to identify cells that have been transformed," said Dr.
Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising, today announced it is expanding its relationship with top game developer 50 Cubes to bring its choice-based ad selector technology to their mobile games.
Tenders are invited for Current Sensing Phase Failure Relay With Selectable Dry Run And A Over Load Protection Selectable Reset Auto/Manual/Remote Reset, 1Co/2Co Contect Optional , Over Load Curve-2 And 5 Sec, Selectable Or 10 Sec.
This integrated sine-to-digital converter interpolates analog sine/cosine signals from magnetic and optical sensors with a freely selectable resolution of up to 8 bit.
The 1/3-inch color interline transfer CCD cameras also offer selectable backlight compensation and selectable white balance.