select from (something)

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select from (something)

1. To make a choice or selection from a particular group of people or things. Every year we have to select from a wide pool of applicants, so we have to stick very strictly to the criteria of admission. Come to our shop and select from a wide range of delectable baked goods.
2. To choose or single out a particular person or thing from a group of others. It's hard to select a single dish from such a huge menu. We'll be selecting one person from the school to represent us at the national spelling bee.
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select someone from something

to choose someone from a group of people. You will have to select a new secretary from the available pool of workers. I selected Ted from the applicants I had at the time.
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select from someone or something

to make a choice from a group of people or things. You will have to select from the people we have asked to interview with you today. They told me that I had to select from what you have in stock.
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Customers can also sample their own perfectly paired cheese-, meat- and mixed plates, or select something from the tapas menu.
The Primary Source Paper constitutes "real work" not just because students do what historians do or because they can follow their individual tastes and select something from the full spectrum of primary sources that suits their interests (poems, photographs, music, paintings, letters, diaries, oral history interviews, architecture, and more).
We list parallel choices: you can be traditional or innovative, Eastern or Western, as you select something from each category.