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Because drug subjects often present a flight risk, investigators should consider seizing property at the time of arrest or during the execution of search warrants.
Truths are compossible because philosophy's seizing of them simultaneously designates them as truths.
The current standard, which requires the state to show by "clear and convincing evidence" that property was the proceeds of a criminal endeavor before seizing it, would be replaced with a "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard, which would be tougher for prosecutors to meet.
Upon lawfully seizing a pager incident to arrest, an officer initially must realize that the retrieval of alphanumeric or voice messages within a pager is not an interception of a communication, as defined in the federal electronic surveillance statute commonly referred to as Title III.
The suit alleges that the defendants conspired in a range of criminal activities, perpetrated on US soil to the detriment of US economic and business interests, designed to aid the defendants in illegally seizing control of the Russian aluminum industry overall, and of the Novokuznetz Aluminum (NKAZ) plant in particular.
GLENDALE - Police arrested four suspected members of a major methamphetamine-trafficking ring in the San Fernando Valley, seizing $5 million worth of the drug in an ongoing operation that has already resulted in 20 arrests, police announced Monday.
Customs Minister John Healey said: "Customs and police are now seizing pounds 1 million a week across the UK, two-thirds of which could not have been seized without the new powers.
Although the rectangular object turned out not to be explosives, a Federal district court ruled that the officers had two independent legal justifications for seizing the object.
At issue in Good is whether the government must meet due-process guarantees under the Fifth Amendment when seizing property.
The SOLO Forensics also offers many security and quality-control features, including Wipeout that sanitizes the master drive prior to seizing an image from the target drive, and extensive verification features to ensure data integrity.
While state law does not prohibit the city from seizing cars, it also does not specifically allow it.
One favored way of raking in money is searching suspected drug couriers and seizing any cash they're carrying, on the assumption that it's either proceeds from a sale or the bankroll for a buy.
4) Refrain from seizing items not listed in the warrant (unless there are independent, legal grounds for the seizure).
Preliminary reports are that the Columbian National Police raided three laundries, two factories and seven retail stores in Bogota, seizing a total of 11,000 pairs of counterfeit Levi's(R) jeans and other items falsely labeled as authentic Levi's(R) products.
Seizing the vehicles - which included a brand-new Honda Civic and a new Toyota Sequoia SUV - is intended to embarrass and hit in the wallet men who normally would get off with a fine and community service but no jail time, officials said Monday.