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seize the moral high ground

To claim, purport, or make it appear that one's arguments, beliefs, ideas, etc., are morally superior to those espoused by others. The senator always tries to seize the moral high ground during a debate so as to shift public opinion in his favor.
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seize the moment

To take full advantage of life's opportunities whenever and wherever they present themselves; to live life to one's full potential. I've tried to get the most out of life by always seizing the moment. That's how I ended up living in Europe and fell in love with your father!
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seize the day

To take the opportunity to do something at the present moment without worrying about the future. This is our time. Let's seize the day! We may never get a chance to do this again.
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seize onto someone or something

to grab onto someone or something. The beggar seized onto the well-dressed gentleman and demanded money. Tony seized onto the doorknob and gave it a hard jerk.
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seize someone or something with something

to grab someone or something with something. The robot seized Roger with its mechanical claws. The dockworker seized the cable with a long hook.
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seize something up

to grab or take something. The crow seized the freshly hatched chick up and flew away. The huge bird seized up the tiny chick.
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seize the opportunity

to take advantage of an opportunity when offered. My uncle offered me a trip to Europe, so I seized the opportunity. Whenever you have a chance, you should seize the opportunity.
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seize up

to freeze or halt; to grind suddenly to a stop. The engine seized up, and the car coasted to a stop. My knee seized up in the middle of a football game.
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seize (up)on something

1. Lit. to grasp something tightly. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Dave seized upon the knob of the door and yanked hard. I seized on the railing and held on tight.
2. Fig. to accept or adopt something, such as a plan, idea, etc. I heard her ideas and seized upon them immediately. The committee seized on my plan at once.
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seized with something

Fig. affected suddenly by something, such as laughter, coughing, sneezing, fits of rage, etc. Suddenly, I was seized with a fit of coughing. Mary was seized with laughter at the sight of Ted in a clown suit.
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seize on

Also, seize upon.
1. Grab or take hold of suddenly, as in He seized on the bell rope and started to pull vigorously, or She seized upon every opportunity to present her side of the story. [Late 1600s]
2. Resort to some action, especially out of dire necessity, as in He seized upon any excuse, no matter how farfetched.
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seize up

Come to a halt, as in The peace talks seized up and were not rescheduled. Originally, from about 1870 on, this term was applied to a machine of some kind that jammed or locked, owing to excessive heat or friction. Its figurative use dates from about 1950.
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seize the day

If you seize the day, you do what you want straight away, without worrying about the future. I can't wait ten years. Life has taught me to seize the day, if not the hour. He knows he might never get another chance of soccer glory and is determined to seize the day. Note: This is a translation of the Latin phrase `carpe diem', which is also sometimes used.
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seize on

or seize upon
To take notice of something, especially because it can be used to one's advantage: The newspapers seized on the mayor's foolish remark and said that he wasn't fit for the job.
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seize up

To fuse or stick together with another part and become unable to move normally, especially as a result of high pressure or temperature: The car's engine seized up due to a loss of oil.
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References in classic literature ?
He turned and seized the grating in an attempt to open it and gain the safety of the corridor, but he found it securely locked against his every effort, and then he called aloud to the retreating figure of the men within.
A woman seized a gun and brained a court dignitary, whose horse had trampled her child to death.
With a mighty effort the ape-man wrenched himself loose, and as he slid to the ground, the dream gorilla turned ferociously upon him, seized him once more and buried great fangs in a sleek, brown shoulder.
The shrine of the four-handed god was polluted by the slaughter of sacred animals; the images of the deities were broken in pieces; and the Moonstone was seized by an officer of rank in the army of Aurungzebe.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pennsylvania State Police today announced troopers seized over $42 million in heroin, marijuana and other prohibited drugs in the third quarter of 2015.
Bogota, Dhu-AlQa'dah 24, 1436, September 08, 2015, SPA -- Police in Colombia and Mexico seized two tonnes of
HUNDREDS of drivers in Kirklees have had their cars seized by police because they failed to buy insurance.
Statistics released by South Wales Police showed 39 dogs were seized in 2014-15 after allegedly being responsible for an attack.
This is compared to 20 dogs confiscated for an aggravated offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act in 2013-14 and 10 dogs seized in 2012-13.
THOUSANDS of cannabis plants have been seized across the region in the past year.
MULTAN -- Customs Intelligence and Investigations Multan Range have seized smuggled goods worth around Rs 200 million during first nine months of the current year.
The hearing before magistrates yesterday was told that the cash was mainly seized from people thought to be involved in drug-related criminal activities.
Nearly 5,000 computers were seized by just over a third of the 43 forces in England and Wales last year, the charity said.
BORDER Security Force (BSF) on Wednesday seized four kg heroin besides 250 gm opium and counterfeit currency in Amritsar, BSF officials said.
POLICE have seized nearly 600 cannabis plants following raids at homes across Birmingham and the Black Country.