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segue into (something)

To transition or lead smoothly into a new state, condition, topic, section, idea, etc. The professor used the anecdote to segue into the next portion of her lecture. The scene segues into a moving musical number between the two characters.
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segue into something

to make a smooth transition into something. (From filmmaking and broadcasting. Rhymes with egg - day.) At this point in the script, you should segue into the next scene. Don't segue here, this is where a commercial goes.
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The album is a seamless start-to-finish listen, each song segueing perfectly into the next like a multi-course meal crafted eclectically by a good chef unafraid to experiment.
I'm thrilled to have someone of John's caliber and experience segueing into this very critical position for Hubbard Radio-Chicago."
"With the heat segueing into showers, Udaipur and Pushkar in Rajasthan, and Munnar, Thekkady and Allepey in Kerala top the charts as best monsoon destinations in India," adds Malhi.
Born in New York City, he started out as second assistant director on the Oscar-nommed "Death of a Salesman" in 1951 and worked on features for Columbia including "Cannibal Attack" and "7th Cavalry" before segueing into TV.
Coco's journey won't limit her to Nevada or California, either--it will lead her around the world to observe friendships segueing into dangerous territories, lost treasures affecting both romance and the hunt for riches and redemption, and Sam's ultimate decision that could haunt both their lives.
Frozen snacks and appetizers also seem to be getting a lift from foodservice brands that are segueing into grocery.
It's an intense listen, opening with instrumental A Few Seconds Have Passed, before segueing into the highlight, Laughing.
The whole experience was wonderfully democratic, starting with a get-to-know-you session at which representatives of local nongovernmental organizations were invited to set out their respective stalls the evening before the main event, then segueing into a meeting for about 200 people held at the NevE-ehir Conference Center.
I was an actor for fifteen years before segueing into writing and all of the symptoms, causes, diagnoses, treatments, and time lines described in Dizzy, I have experienced and are true.”
The show opened with a whiteout of shredded flares and white beaded drop-waist shifts in white and cream before segueing into Cavalli's signature exotic prints and skins.
Sure, there were sing-a-longs for the band's most popular songs - "Chop Suey!," "Aerials" and "Toxicity" - but there were plenty of other highlights in the set, including phenomenal renditions of both "Deer Dance" and "Suggestions," the latter segueing perfectly into "Psycho."
The aroma is Belgian, with hints of clove and pepper, segueing into a richly carbonated, malty, honeyed body.
However, email migration solutions, such as Transend Corp.'s Migrator, make segueing from one system to another easier with updates that increase throughput to get employees back on the path to productivity faster.
Star rating: THE TREE OF LIFE (12A) A meteor strike on Earth sends devastating ripples across the surface of the planet, segueing into a child escaping from a submerged room, a metaphor for the birth of baby Jack in the 1950s Midwest.
But it was a cover of Randy Newman's slavery song Sail Away segueing into the anthem about "that ship" which 10,000 turned up to sing - and every word they did.