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segue into (something)

To transition or lead smoothly into a new state, condition, topic, section, idea, etc. The professor used the anecdote to segue into the next portion of her lecture. The scene segues into a moving musical number between the two characters.
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segue into something

to make a smooth transition into something. (From filmmaking and broadcasting. Rhymes with egg - day.) At this point in the script, you should segue into the next scene. Don't segue here, this is where a commercial goes.
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Then we segued into a fit-out of a 20,000-square-foot Modell's Sporting Goods store in Riverhead, New York.
Post-screening, guests segued to Guastavino, where Kahurangi tribal dancers performed a rousing prayer chant, followed by a Maori-style rendition of "Happy Birthday" to cast member Grant Roa.
In La Tania's powerfully structured Solea, one volatile mini-drama seamlessly segued into the next.
These segued into an impressive group of nearly "minimalist" earth and pavement abstractions, the "Texturologies" and "Materiologies" of 1957-60, which laid out a strong suit for Dubuffet as a cosmic reductivist on a par with Pollock and for abstraction as a kind of ground zero from which Dubuffet rebounded with his teeming '60s depictions of the city.
DIED: Dirk Bogarde, 78, British actor who segued from comedies to dramas such as Death in Venice, of a heart attack May 8, He was preceded in death by his life partner of 40 years, Anthony Forwood,
But it often segued from one disparate episode to the next, in most cases missing a punch line.
Before Night Falls concludes with Arenas's torturous physical demise, but not before Schnabel has segued from lyrical drama--mordantly perfected in a scene where Arenas's duplicitous ex-lover steals and crashes the hot-air balloon in which Arenas and his friends were to flee Cuba--to mock documentary (Bardem's Arenas talking about his life in New York).
She replaces David Eick, who segued this fall to a producing role within the USA family.
In his piercing preface Indiana writes, "One could usefully argue that many of American society's most admired figures, its so-called role models, from CEOs to movie stars, including some of Versace's most audible mourners after the event, could easily qualify as sociopaths, the culture of narcissism having segued some years ago into the culture of total-self-aggrandizement-by-whatever-means-present-themselves." In an era that turns fellating interns into superstars, it's hard to dispute such points.
Suite sans Suite's theatrical mood segued brilliantly into Tra (Wood).
A bit later, "Wolfman's Brother," long a live lave, with the spotlight on bassist Mike Gordon's propulsive bottom end, segued smartly right into Robert Palmer's playful "Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley."
Then he announced to us, "This is the song" he performed that night and segued into Carole King's "It's Too Late." Tears were actually shed, and not just by me.
The program segued into the dance as shaped by the forces of history: foreign domination, a phase that included its prohibition by the fanatic New England missionaries who correctly recognized it as a threat to their crusade; the reign of King Kalakaua, Hawaii's Merrie Monarch, who rescued the art, by then considerably Europeanized; the overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani, which led to annexation and statehood and the near-disappearance of kahiko; exposure to Hollywood and the tourist industry; and, finally, increased ethnic awareness, the context of the Hawaiian renaissance.
Monica-mania segued into the mid-March release of Primary Colors.