segue into

segue into (something)

To transition or lead smoothly into a new state, condition, topic, section, idea, etc. The professor used the anecdote to segue into the next portion of her lecture. The scene segues into a moving musical number between the two characters.
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segue into something

to make a smooth transition into something. (From filmmaking and broadcasting. Rhymes with egg - day.) At this point in the script, you should segue into the next scene. Don't segue here, this is where a commercial goes.
See also: segue
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Fest dates should segue into broadcast and other ancillary venues.
Caption: Above: Interior designer Hadas Metzler has invented a canvas of color to accent the contemporary architecture of 101 Bedford, located directly across from McCarren Park on Bedford Avenue, between North 11th and 12th Streets, the first introduction to the new 351-unit rental complex is a dramatic double-height lobby with dark wood walls and ceilings punctuated by subtle strokes that segue into backlit illuminated mailboxes off the side.
The way to be introduced to another language of poetry is to slowly segue into it from one's own tongue.
I'm the guy who wakes up one mid-life crisis morning and decides he wants to segue into commercial winemaking and launch his own proud label.
The trickster's illusions segue into an homage to the anti-illusionistic aesthetic in which structure and process were meant (like Plexiglas) to be transparent.
The media training I provide to our executive team includes advising them, when asked a question, to answer it as directly and succinctly as possible--and then subtly segue into one of our key messages.
Most of the dialogue in this novel is simply a segue into sexual details.
Gripping narratives of encounters with grizzly bears, caribou, and the people of northern Alaska lead most chapters, which then segue into discussions of the history and current controversies surrounding drilling in the oil-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
"So," according to BP, "he enlisted the help of outfielder Lance Berkman to serve as the self-proclaimed 'ticketmaster' for the event." Berkman told BP that while he did not think the movie was necessarily a great evangelistic tool, "it's an icebreaker, it's a topic of conversation--kind of a segue into presenting the Gospel.
The services maintain a thread of contemplative silence and candlelight that might segue into a near-hootenanny by the time of the final dismissal.
At Jacob's Pillow, the troupe's program included references to the dance and ritual of the Aborigines in Jiri Kylian's Stamping Ground (1983); a segue into contact improvisation that incorporated suggestions of Brazilian capoeira to show off the athletic skills of the two men in Russell Maliphant's Critical Mass (1998); plus the off-kilter balletic setting of Kylian's Un Ballo (1991).
Thus he provides a segue into the next chapter whose subject is Bernardo Tasso, father of Torquato Tasso, his poem L'Amadigi (Venice 1560), and Tasso's relationship with Ottavio Farnese.
These e-procurement organizations agree that traditional purchasing will continue to segue into e-procurement systems, much the same way that the fax machine became a standard business tool. is expanding its repertoire to include functional art objects like home furnishings, and plans to segue into fashion accessories by next spring.
During the strobe-light segue into the final number, "Midnight Radio," Hedwig strips off her top, smashes herself with the tomatoes that served as falsies, paints a silver cross on her forehead, and becomes charismatic bare-chested skinny-boy rock star Tommy Gnosis.