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segue into (something)

To transition or lead smoothly into a new state, condition, topic, section, idea, etc. The professor used the anecdote to segue into the next portion of her lecture. The scene segues into a moving musical number between the two characters.
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segue into something

to make a smooth transition into something. (From filmmaking and broadcasting. Rhymes with egg - day.) At this point in the script, you should segue into the next scene. Don't segue here, this is where a commercial goes.
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In court documents presented to Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo, Segue insisted balcony 305, which was underneath the one that collapsed, should not have been removed from the scene.
Galaxies such as Segue 1, which have such a tiny amount of visible material to gravitationally disturb the dark matter, are the best places to reveal the true distribution and nature of the unseen material.
This needed to be accomplished across a dozen functions, from the critical (research and development in Linz) to the redundant (support functions such as finance and legal at Segue).
But caution and Segue Cellars had yet to appear together in the same sentence, and there was no point in backpedaling now.
The agreement was approved at a special meeting of Segue stockholders held on 19 April 2006.
Several wireless operators worldwide have licensed PCTEL's Segue Roaming Client that intelligently connects subscribers to available Wi-Fi and cellular data networks.
"It was the beginning of the end," he tells us in voice-over, and we segue to the events that led to this moment of crisis.
(Nasdaq: PCTI), Chicago, Ill., a provider of wireless solutions and access technology, has incorporated PCTEL's Segue SAM software solution with GlobespanVirata's PRISM GT (802.11g) and PRISM WorldRadio(tm) (802.11a, b & g) WLAN technology.
The university should create a segue page that suggests specific activities and opportunities on the site.
By now you've figured out that this rather pointless (and rhymeless) article must be--as all pointless and rhymeless articles usually are--a segue to something I really want to say.
Thus he provides a segue into the next chapter whose subject is Bernardo Tasso, father of Torquato Tasso, his poem L'Amadigi (Venice 1560), and Tasso's relationship with Ottavio Farnese.
A segue is then made to an art teacher with a group of students who elaborates on the style concept.
Alla breve presentazione dei curatori in lingua inglese, segue il saggio, sempre in inglese, di John Foot, La gente e il buon costume: Lucchino Visconti's "Rocco e i suoi fratelli".
These e-procurement organizations agree that traditional purchasing will continue to segue into e-procurement systems, much the same way that the fax machine became a standard business tool.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE appeared to miss Clare Balding's subconscious segue when she interviewed the mighty golfer on BBC.