segregate from (someone or something)

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segregate from (someone or something)

1. To separate or become isolated from other people or things within some larger group. The adult males of the species segregate from the rest of the herd during mass migration. The four of us just kind of segregated from the others in the class over the course of the semester.
2. To separate or isolate one or more people or things from other people or things within some larger group. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "segregate" and "from." The teacher wanted to segregate the boys from the girls in the classroom. We're trying to segregate these aberrant data sets from the rest of the results.
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segregate (someone) from (someone else)

 and segregate (something) from (something else)
to separate someone from someone else or something from something else. I was asked to segregate the swimmers from the nonswimmers. Let's segregate the larger fish from the smaller ones.
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segregate something from something else Go to segregate someone from someone

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What gives you any right to segregate us from other adults because I am not an adult of twenty-one?
The emergence of Pride events that focus on different minority members of the LGBTQ community is not discrimination; it's a response to the discrimination they feel within our community." Donnie Gentry replied, "Things such as this just serve to fragment us into groups that segregate us from each other--not needed and highly divisive!" Inevitably, Jimmie Thomptson asked, "How would 'they' feel if we had a white gay Pride month?
"You (court) can segregate us from them (other accused) and can take their bail pleas on Monday.