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seethe with (something)

1. To churn or roil with an abundance of something. The water of the rushing river seethed with white froth. The huge pot of stew seethed with bubbles as it boiled uncontrollably.
2. To be filled or swarming with some large amount of people or things. The room was so seething with people that it started giving me a panic attack! I opened the lid of the trash can to find it seething with maggots and flies.
3. To be in a state of violent, implacable agitation or excitement due to some emotion. He came out of the meeting seething with anger at being humiliated by his boss like that. I sat staring at the math textbook, positively seething with frustration. The entire country has been seething with riots and protests for the last week.
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seethe with someone or something

to swarm or seem to "boil" with someone or something. The wedding reception was seething with guests and well-wishers. The room was just seething with flies and other flying creatures.
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seethe with something

[for someone] to be agitated with anger, hatred, scorn, disgust, etc. Laura was seething with rage as she entered the tax office. We were seething with disgust at the rude way they treated the people who had just moved in.
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Mr Patel, from Abbeydale, in Gloucester, said: 'I'm seething with anger and just want something done about it.
During the day, however, minus the seething crowds of music-loving flaneurs, the cavernous, ice blue interior looks decidedly surreal and woebegone.
Some financial executives may be reeling (or seething) as they contemplate the ramifications of the measurement approach I espouse, but doesn't it make the FASB's proposal sound softer and more palatable?
I've left them still connected, the snail's pace of their love uninterrupted and over them the huge bluegreen shell we share seething. In their one double helix I have been by nature implicated.
I'm seething She refused to go to hospital for treatment and still had blood stains on her face last mulhuddart yesterday s night.
As well as seething Sarah, the latest recruits are a Harry Enfield look and sound-alike and some bloke called Nick.
RANGERS were seething last night after Scrooge-like Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston blocked plans to hand supporters an early Christmas present.
.Jayne is still seething at comic Frankie Boyle:"I have Down's syndrome but I have still achieved a lot in my life.
Reisman controls all these seething emotions like a juggler with flaming sticks: each sibling blazes forth by turn, then fades into the periphery as the next one's story is launched.
St James' Park has been the centre of unwanted attention since Saturday's shocking brawl between team-mates Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer, an incident which has once again attracted the sort of headlines which leave chairman Freddy Shepherd seething.
Motor Racing: Jenson Button was seething after being robbed of a podium finish in the Malaysian Grand Prix, which saw his former team Renault rack up their second win.
This release is conceptual, epically crafty and seething with doomotion and massive build ups and climaxes.
Rotherham manager Ronnie Moore was rightly seething at the manner his side lost 1-0 at home to Sunderland.
A zoned-out male voiceover adds further uncertainty: "Stagnant, foul, soup, rancid, filth, seething ...," it drones; the grumbling monotone encourages us to disagree with it, but the words invariably color our viewing.
The seething desire and heartache exchanged by the two leads is moving enough, but Fox also coaxes fascinating performances from an ensemble of young characters who populate the remote cogender Army outpost.