seethe with

seethe with (something)

1. To churn or roil with an abundance of something. The water of the rushing river seethed with white froth. The huge pot of stew seethed with bubbles as it boiled uncontrollably.
2. To be filled or swarming with some large amount of people or things. The room was so seething with people that it started giving me a panic attack! I opened the lid of the trash can to find it seething with maggots and flies.
3. To be in a state of violent, implacable agitation or excitement due to some emotion. He came out of the meeting seething with anger at being humiliated by his boss like that. I sat staring at the math textbook, positively seething with frustration. The entire country has been seething with riots and protests for the last week.
See also: seethe

seethe with someone or something

to swarm or seem to "boil" with someone or something. The wedding reception was seething with guests and well-wishers. The room was just seething with flies and other flying creatures.
See also: seethe

seethe with something

[for someone] to be agitated with anger, hatred, scorn, disgust, etc. Laura was seething with rage as she entered the tax office. We were seething with disgust at the rude way they treated the people who had just moved in.
See also: seethe
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The responses she's gathered seethe with a sense of loss that's beyond retribution.
The angers in this anthology seethe with old pains, with the frustrations still basically unacknowledged.
True to the documentary-art format, these photographs seethe with an underlying psychological tension: at an army base, an Anglo soldier stands looking at his young son, who is dressed in military camouflage gear and scowling at the camera; a rabbi cuts the foreskin from a tiny baby's penis as two men, presumably the father and another male relative, look on and laugh ecstatically at this initiation ritual; a handsome African-American teenager in black-tie escorts his date in sparkling-white taffeta to a formal dance and, arms crossed defensively, looks coolly into the camera.