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seep away

[for a fluid] to escape little by little, as through a leak. All the oil seeped away, leaving none in the engine. The water seeped away after a while.
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seep in (to something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. Water is seeping into the basement. Water is seeping in very slowly.
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seep out (of something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. A lot of oil has seeped out of the car onto the driveway. There is oil seeping out. There must be a leak.
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seep through something

[for a fluid] to permeate something and escape. The oil seeped through the gasket onto the ground. Some water seeped through the ceiling, ruining our carpet as well as the ceiling.
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seep out

1. To escape or pass slowly through small openings or pores: I think that gas is seeping out through a crack in the tank.
2. To become known to the public through a breach of secrecy: The details they refused to talk about will eventually seep out to the press.
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At this time, no evidence suggests the seeps tap into deep natural gas reservoirs that can be used for energy.
They have coined a new term to describe the ecosystem: a hydrothermal seep.
With this critical information, the SUIT could prioritize the seep areas that would be capped for safety, along with those that would be capped for future gas production activity.
5) and was commonly observed in the forests surrounding the seeps.
It is an active hydrocarbon seep area supporting chemoautolithotrophic communities that have been studied for various purposes for approximately 20 y.
The pilots also say they must often dump oily bilge into riverways or risk sinking because their boats are not equipped with the proper machinery to separate oil from the water that seeps in.
The area is rich in natural petroleum seeps which have been present at least for several hundreds of years, making this an interesting site of chronic petroleum exposure.
He is a member of the Institute's board of examiners and the SEePS peer review committee--and was the committee's 1986 to 1987 chair.
Oil seeps have created a "sheen" with a volume of 400 to 650 barrels of oil on the ocean in the area, which lies 370 kilometers northeast of Rio de Janeiro.
I had learned about natural oil seeps in graduate school, and I knew that they account for about 50 percent of oil that ends up in the coastal environment.
Washington, May 14 (ANI): A new study has shown that the amount of oil residue in seafloor sediments that result from natural petroleum seeps off Santa Barbara, California, is the equivalent of approximately 8-80 Exxon Valdez oil spills.
At some sites, the water flows from onshore aquifers to the sea through porous rocks and then seeps up through the seafloor.
A: Actually, natural oil seeps on the ocean floor constantly bubble up petroleum.
About a mile and a half up the Towsley Canyon Trail in the Santa Clarita Woodlands State Park is one of the biggest of these offending oil seeps, measuring about 100 feet in diameter.