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seep away

1. Literally, of a gas or liquid, to flow out and escape from (something) gradually but steadily, as through a leak, crack, puncture, etc. There must have be a leak in the oil tank of the car, because it keeps seeping away onto the driveway. Make sure you close the valve tight on that jar—we don't want any of the gas to seep away.
2. By extension, to dwindle or disappear gradually but steadily. The goodwill he had earned with his employers began seeping away after he started showing up to work late. Once the undisputed kings of Hollywood, the movie studio's good fortunes began to seep away after a series of poor business decisions.
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seep in(to something)

To flow or leak in(to something) gradually but steadily. I realized there was a fire downstairs when I noticed smoke seeping into our bedroom. I made sure to make the container airtight so no moisture seeps in.
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seep out

1. Of a liquid, gel, paste, etc., to leak or flow out of some crack, breach, or flaw in something. I realized there was a fire downstairs when I noticed smoke seeping into our bedroom. I made sure to make the container airtight so no moisture seeps in.
2. To become known to those from whom (something) was supposed to remain secret or classified. The senator always held himself up as a beacon of moral standards, but as rumors and details of his infidelities and substances abuses seeped out, he eventually became a pariah among his constituents. News of the merger seeped out months before the two companies made a formal announcement about it.
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seep through (something)

To soak or permeate completely through something, reaching or escaping through the other side. There must be a leak in one of the pipes, because water has started seeping through the walls. The coffee I spilled in my bag seeped through every single one of my books.
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seep away

[for a fluid] to escape little by little, as through a leak. All the oil seeped away, leaving none in the engine. The water seeped away after a while.
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seep in (to something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. Water is seeping into the basement. Water is seeping in very slowly.
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seep out (of something)

[for a fluid] to trickle or leak out of something. A lot of oil has seeped out of the car onto the driveway. There is oil seeping out. There must be a leak.
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seep through something

[for a fluid] to permeate something and escape. The oil seeped through the gasket onto the ground. Some water seeped through the ceiling, ruining our carpet as well as the ceiling.
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seep out

1. To escape or pass slowly through small openings or pores: I think that gas is seeping out through a crack in the tank.
2. To become known to the public through a breach of secrecy: The details they refused to talk about will eventually seep out to the press.
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