seen worse

I've seen worse

Mild praise given to something one has seen or experienced. Sometimes used ironically to indicate that something is actually quite great or remarkable. A: "God, what a terrible movie." B: "Oh, it wasn't so bad. I've seen worse." A: "What a stunning view!" B: "Wow! I've seen worse, that's for sure!"
See also: seen, worse

(I've) seen worse.

a noncommittal and not totally negative judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen worse. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Gladys: Seen worse.
See also: seen, worse
References in classic literature ?
I see and have seen worse things, and divers things so hideous, that I should neither like to speak of all matters, nor even keep silent about some of them: namely, men who lack everything, except that they have too much of one thing--men who are nothing more than a big eye, or a big mouth, or a big belly, or something else big,--reversed cripples, I call such men.
After all his running down, Bambridge let it out in the course of the evening, when the farmer was absent, that he had seen worse horses go for eighty pounds.
I've seen worse ones on human shoulders, at any rate," said Mother Rigby.
He has seen worse things done on the quiet," maintained Carlier, with a hoarse laugh.
Of course he has seen worse, he's seen much worse, but I think he was probably a bit of concerned about the direction of the development on human rights,' he added.
Judge Parry said that, after viewing police dashcam footage of the chase, he could understand why an officer said he had not seen worse driving in 14 years in the job.
WICKED WHISPER Which senior figure pulled out of morning interviews after being seen worse for wear the night before?
Parking this is and i"West Midlands Police said it was among the worst cases of bad parking its officers had ever seen - but readers are claiming they've seen worse and have been sending in their pictures as evidence.
I told him not to take too much notice of the Doctor, who would have made a better general than a doctor, and that I had seen worse bulletwounds than what he had which had healed up in a fortnight's time.
A WALTON man was jailed for slamming a speeding motorbike into a BMW before telling police: "I have seen worse on Road Wars.
I've seen worse driving conditions but this is spring, the middle of spring at that.
Moore says: "It didn't bother me and I'm sure they've seen worse than that in London before.
He concluded that dust storms on the island have seen worse years.
The former England skipper has spent a lifetime in the game and, as unthinkable as it is, he has seen worse than this current Ashes thrashing.
I've seen worse on a Saturday night with half the women going out wearing less than that going into nightclubs.