seen better days

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have seen better days

To be or look particularly shabby, ill-kept, or in poor condition. Wow, this car has seen better days. What'd you do, drive it through a minefield? The poor guy who runs the building has certainly seen better days, but he's a sweet fellow.
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seen (or known) better days

be in a worse state than in the past; have become old, worn-out, or shabby.
See also: better, days, seen

seen better days

tv. showing signs of wear or exhaustion. (Always a past participle.) This coat has seen better days.
See also: better, days, seen
References in classic literature ?
Well, I have heard once or twice, 'tis true, that my family had seen better days afore they came to Blackmoor.
My parents are in business, and my mamma has seen better days, and mixed in the best of company.
Arthur was clad in his plainest clothes, and wrapped in a coarse woollen shawl; and Rachel was muffled in a grey cloak and hood that had seen better days, and gave her more the appearance of an ordinary though decent old woman, than of a lady's-maid.
There was a small window there, which let in, through its dingy, dusty panes, a scanty, uncertain light on the tall, high-backed chairs and dusty tables, that had once seen better days.
Preserve me from people who have seen better days, and bring heirlooms with them that make the house smell stuffy.
Tisher: a deferential widow with a weak back, a chronic sigh, and a suppressed voice, who looks after the young ladies' wardrobes, and leads them to infer that she has seen better days.
She was the daughter of a superior couple who had seen better days.
She lives with her mother, a faded tired woman who played Lady Capulet in a sort of magenta dressing-wrapper on the first night, and looks as if she had seen better days.
Her dress was modest and simple to a degree, dark and elderly in style; but both her face and appearance gave evidence that she had seen better days.
A little later, as he began to know his way about better, he insensibly drifted into the role that would work--namely, he was a man who had seen better days, very much better days, but who was down on his luck, though, to be sure, only temporarily.
Better Days WITHOUT doubt Shields Road has seen better days The council now needs to mend its ways Too many shops closed and not being used Shields Road for far too long has been abused The road is littered with secondhand shops But not many local cops Believe it or not the road once thrived Yes before charity shops arrived Now on the road you can struggle to buy new Look hard and you may find a shop or two The future of Byker is looking bleak We have a problem with our high street.
It appears that he's seen better days and what looks to be barnacles have started to grow on the side of his face.
It was certainly a beautiful, sleek model in its heyday, but this one has seen better days.
The club has seen better days, but its fans are a passionate and tenacious force.
99) DAISY FITZJOHN lives in a huge house - the imposing Brightwood Hall, a mansion that has seen better days.